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Marketing Strategy

Being pioneer in Taiwan's pharmaceutical market, Grand Pan-Well Group has developed an unique analytical skill of selecting efficacious pharmaceutical products to meet the patient's needs. With this skill, we carefully assess the patent of product, clinical evidence of product’s formulation and special dosage forms to create market differentiation and create the product recognition. Beside to that,  we also increase brand image of the pharmaceutical products by providing professional product seminars and professional training programs for drugstores, clinics, hospitals and medical centers.

Sales Distribution Network 

Market Prospects

For Taiwan Market 

  • Continual growth for pharmaceutical and food supplement import: 5% growth for overseas import every year. Taiwan's pharmaceutical market will expand in value from $5.4 billion in 2013 to approximately $8.4 billion by 2020, according to a Global Data report. While for food supplements, import products still dominate the market share which is expected to remain such tendency.
  • Expiration of Patent Drug: more drug patents in the world will be expired by 2022.  Therefore, the price of pharmaceutical market is expected to fluctuate sooner or later, and Taiwan is no exception. Therefore, strategic planning on  price will be crucial to the success of the future market.


For Grand Pan-Well Group

  • To meet the needs of Taiwan's pharmaceutical market, we will continually endeavor to search the source of high quality's pharmaceutical products from well-known medical companies around the world.
  • In the near future, it is our plan to expand our business to the territories of Mainland China and South East Asian countries. 
  • We will continually build up a solid connection with franchised drugstores, hospitals and medical centers for providing more high quality pharmaceutical products and professional services to the patients in Taiwan.